Saturday, October 22, 2011

....and the leaves they are a-changin'....

Wow has it been an entire year since I've posted something here?  Sorry 'bout that!
Some unlucky individuals have been the recipients of my "F@#& Work" rants/essays, but they have, maybe in an effort to make me go away, been encouraging me to post things again, so....

After returning from the BMW Owners rally in Bloomsburg, PA-the return trip was in 107 degree heat, and felt the same as when you are baking, say, a pizza and open the door? Same thing.  Just brutal.  I rode at around 95 mph, through a few speed traps but no one bothered to give chase.  "Let him go, it's too damn hot!" Anyway, when I got back I got really serious about improving my so-so form on the bicycle.

I mostly rode as early as possible as it was still pretty hot (a relative term depending on where one lives), but every ride was it's own little adventure.  The cool breeze, singing of the tires on the pavement, low light of morning, the solitude, lack of a ringing phone, the comfort of the cadence of pedaling.... All magic stuff, and all very simple.  And that's the best part, the simplicity.

Well, I've had my nose pressed up against the glass of this blogging thing for some time, so let's see where it goes from here?

These are the days that one has to live.